Children and Youth Placement

Being committed to the love of Christ, we accept abandoned children and provide care, nurture, protection, education, and vocational placement to develop them to become independent contributing adults in the society.

Acceptance Target

Currently we accept children 0-18 years of age, who experience family disruption, abuse, or abandonment.

Sources: Our internal evaluation, social organizations, or government agencies throughout Taiwan.


-   We emphasize family-oriented approach to care-giving. In small units, children learn the discipline of normal family life, including homework preparation, role relationships, and moral value interaction.

-   Care-providers include a professional team of certified governesses, social workers, and counselors.

Educational Goal

-   We seek to develop sustainable skills, based on individual interests for future vocations, toward a holistic and independent life journey.

-   We hold biological family reconciliation as the ultimate goal by instilling normal family experiences and values.

Alumni Follow-up


-   We actively assist our alumni in areas of housing, schooling, career, health, legal matters, faith, relationships, and other relevant issues by providing resources and networks.