Children and Youth Services

We are actively involved with like-minded organizations, churches, and schools, in promoting experience dialog, so that our resources may be fully utilized to help the underprivileged children and youth.

Community Family Care

-   Underprivileged Family Service: Family counseling, psychotherapy, economic assistance, and resource networking.

-   Family Advisory Service: Family life education, online resources.

-   Family Enhancement Service: Career advisory, parenting, parent support groups, and asthma support.

Children and Youth Caring Service

-   Children and Youth Service: Provide underprivileged children and their families with assistance, advisory, and referrals.

-   Team Building: Provide interest groups and learning groups to strengthen the underprivileged children.

-   Children Camp: Integrating experiential education, drama, and music creation to help underprivileged children to develop self-image and growth.

-   Youth Placement Service: Mentoring and unwed mother support.