Guard Our Children and Welcome to Our Team

All of our children’s living expenses are without regular support, but have depended on the loving donations from all sectors of society. We plead for your sponsorship, which will go directly to the children, will cover their daily expenditures, education, health, and ongoing professional counseling.

Sponsorship Qualification

Any individual or group may be eligible to be a sponsor for a child. A sponsor does not hold any legal relationship with the sponsored child, but shoulder the burden of financial and moral support.

Sponsored Child

A sponsor may specify a particular desired age or gender, and our staff will match the desired sponsorship. If no criteria is specified, then our staff will make the suitable selection for the donor.

Sponsoring Contribution

We ask for $50 each month to sponsor a child. This Home reserves the right to make the most faithful usage of this fund toward the child’s daily needs.

Sponsoring Duration

The customary term of sponsorship is one year, which may be renewed. If the sponsor wishes to terminate the relationship for whatever reason, This Home should be notified. Relationship will also end if no payment is received for three months and no updates were received.

Sponsorship Interaction

This Home will provide timely update of the child to his/her sponsor each year. There will also be an annual gathering event for interaction.

We sincerely welcome you to join our team of sponsorship. Please call us or visit us on our website for the latest updates.