Surround our children with love. Consider our sponsor-a-child program!

At Bethany, there is no fixed source of financial support for our children, including their daily living expenses, education, and other expenses. Their support relies entirely on the generous donations of loving individuals from all walks of life. We need your support and sponsorship so that Bethany’s children can grow up in a loving and healthy environment. Each donation directly supports the child in his/her education, daily expenses, medical care, and vocational development.

Any individual or group who cares about our children. Your participation provides an important financial and spiritual support to the child.

You can indicate your preferences (gender and age group) for the child you sponsor, and Bethany will try its best to accommodate your preferences. If you do not have specific preferences, Bethany can provide a recommendation.

The financial cost of sponsorship is NTD$1500 (or roughly USD$50) each month. All monthly donations are pooled by Bethany to best meet the needs of the children at the home.

The commitment period is one year and can be renewed at the end of the year. If the sponsor is unable to continue with the program at any point, please notify Bethany immediately.

Bethany holds a meet-and-greet event at least once a year to provide sponsors with the opportunity to meet their sponsored children. Otherwise, Bethany provides regular updates so that each sponsor knows how the child is doing. With your consent, we will provide the child with your basic information (name and gender). To protect both you and your sponsored child, communication between you and the child will be coordinated by Bethany

Yes, general donations are always greatly appreciated!